Many folks that want the most out of their training or their crazy nutritional practices have a mindset that is least fit to get such results. If your mind isn’t on board with what it’s going to take to get where you want to go, well then it doesn’t matter where you want to go. You aren’t making it.

What does a mind that views strength and conditioning as a life long practice create? What about a mind that craves quality food? How about a mind that plays the long game? One that tries to master his/her movement craft?

That’s a mind fit to win.

This is a quote right out of a book that was a game changer for me. “Fall in love with the process.”


Food for thought.


Strength: Back Squat e4/8



Conditioning: 5 Rounds Not For Time, or 25 Minutes:

5-5-3-3-1 Press
5 Lengths Farmer’s Carry, as heavy as possible 
300m Recovery Row

Work up to a heavy single on the press. I will be quickly touching base on how I was taught to optimize this lift in Seattle its a little different than most you folks will be used to. Perform the carries as heavy as possible, . Row the 300s easy at around 18s/m.