Goal Setting (part 3)

Commitment t0 achievement

Now that you have some framework for setting goals you will definitely want to put them on paper. Declaring your goals is a commitment. Psychologically, we are more likely to follow through on things to which we have committed. It can help increase the likelihood of success by setting your goals and writing them down. Scratching things off of a list is just a very simple way that you can positively reinforce yourself to continue training. The objective here is to continue improving on our lifestyle, and positive reinforcement is one of the best means of doing so. I strongly suggest that you keep your goals written in your training journal, or even somewhere where other people can see what your working towards. Often times this too can help with accountability.

Strength: Back Squat e5/8


Conditioning: 10 Rounds

24 Double Unders

12 Squats

6 Push ups