Tofino-SchoolOfFitness-logo_red-blkWe are a strength and conditioning facility that focuses on improving our members’ General Physical Preparedness(GPP). Our curriculum is for everybody – we pride ourselves on being a fully scalable (fitness) program. From men and women simply looking to lose weight to professional athletes, our program can have a life changing impact. Our philosophy is every body, of all shapes and sizes has untold athletic potential.


tofino-gym-fitness-BobDL1General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is designed to build the most broad, productive, and inclusive fitness possible. GPP says fitness isn’t what you look like; it’s what your capable of. Governed by measurable performance, we can help our students look, feel, and perform better.


tofino-gym-fitness-AgataRowGPP is quite simply, too effective to ignore. It’s our view that we should be as fast as we are agile, and as flexible as we are strong. Life is full of unknowns, and GPP is the single best training strategy to prepare for all of those unknowns. It’s our view that the most fit people are the ones with capacity to perform well across a full spectrum, not just in one particular area.


tofino-gym-fitness-OHsquat2We utilize functional movements. These everyday functional movements do a great job of performing a ton of work, quickly and effectively. Think: squat, push, pull, jump, press and throw. You’ll learn the basics of gymnastics, running, jumping, Olympic weightlifting and power lifting.

In order to cover all the bases in preparing you for anything and everything that life will throw at you, we constantly vary our training sessions. Our program is heavy, it’s light, short, long and there are intervals. Whether life presents a sprint, a marathon, or something in between, you’ll be prepared.

We believe in a skill and efficiency based approach . It’s not just about doing more work than the next person, it’s about doing it better and easier.



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