I’m sure you folks get bored listen to me ramble on about various topics on this blog so thought we could switch it up a bit. Here is a piece written by a fellow member. Hope you enjoy.

Squatting….. Oh squatting, how 6 weeks completely changed my perception of you.  When I first started at TSF, whenever I would see squatting of any variety on the white board, I would quiver.  Men don’t have flexible hips, therefor squatting just isn’t that easy.  I could never even get to parallel without my back rounding and for those who know me, failure isn’t easy to swallow.  Then came the elbow tendonitis.  This resulted in a 6-week; Monday, Wednesday, Friday exposure of Front squats, back squats and tempo front squats…. Sounds fun doesn’t it.
                      What this did was allowed me to focus completely on my imperfections of my squat (The first three weeks I squatted with a plate between my feet to work on not letting my feet cave in).  I won’t lie, I didn’t enjoy it at first. Then I suddenly saw a monstrous improvement in not only my form, technique and confidence but drastic jumps in weight. I knew all the times that Coach said “Not so low, push out your knees, don’t round your back, keep looking forward” were all used for the reason to make me better at squatting.  I guess the take away here is: Practicing something you don’t like and aren’t very good at is a great test of will and mental fortitude and when you succeed, the gains are immeasurable!
Robbie Elliott

Strength: Tempo Back Squat e3/8

4x 5 reps @53×1

*Try to add a few pounds from last week.

Conditioning : 4 Rounds for Time of:

40 Double Unders

15 Deadlifts

15 Wall Balls