So after much thought I’ve been able to break it down to the six traits I’ve notice in the most successful athletes and people. Again this is just my opinion, so feel free to take away from it what you will. Today I’ll be talking about trait one, Consistency ;Most succesful athletes outstanding results are never about just a 8-week program, finding a magic pill, or taking shortcuts. They don’t skip out on 2-3 months of training here and there because work gets busy. They never let minor aches and pains sidetrack them because they find ways to train around these issues and rehabilitate them in the process(although on this point there are time where you need to take a break and take a step back but that’s fodder for another post). Training is an integral part of their lives, so they do it with more consistency than their less accomplished peers. In the grand scheme of things, the programming, technique, and training environment are important – but just showing up is the single-most important thing.

end rant.

On another note there will be no class on Friday, I will be out adventuring in the bush. We will be making the class up Saturday I will be running class at 11am instead of 10am and if there is enough demand I may run another class that afternoon.

Strength/SkillA1 Shoulder Press (5×3)

A2 Pull ups (5×3)

B1 Walking DB/KB Lunges (4x6e)

B2 Bent Over Row (4×5)

C1 Ab Wheel (3×8)

C2 Side Lying Ext. Rotation (3x10e)