Reminder this class starts at NOON.

Okay now that that done.

Let’s talk about another trait to successful athletes, this one is a huge one for me and is one of the main reasons I started the gym in the first place.

Training Partners/Environment – Successful individuals realize that they’ll never be as well off alone as they will be with the help of the individuals around them, so they surround themselves with the right people. Hence how the gym was started, with all of your help, I wanted to create a place were anyone who wanted to push themselves past what they previously thought would be possible for themselves, would be welcomed with open arms. The end result is constant, detailed feedback; hand offs and spots whenever they’re needed; accountability to ensure the aforementioned consistency; and camaraderie that improves results exponentially.

 Here’s a perfect example who in there right mind would attempt, let alone try and do it as quickly as possible, a workout like “Murph” by themselves. Amazing bunch of humans right here!









Strength: Halting Clean Deadlift + Clean + Jerk
Work up to a medium heavy load, try and add a few pounds to last week. 

Conditioning: 7 minute ascending ladder of:
                           Front Squats
Toes to Bars

For the rep scheme, start at 3 and 3, then move on to 6 and 6 adding by three reps to the previous round until time expires. Front Squats are taken from the floor. We’ll discuss scaling the T2Bs and Front Squat weights in class.