Crazy to think that September is pretty much here. I want to applaud all of you I saw in the gym over the summer (even if it was only a few times). Our tiny town tends to get a little bit hectic through the summer months and it can definitely put a few more obstacles in your path to getting yourself in the gym. So congrats folks we made it on to the fall!

First things first, with the beginning of a new month comes two new standardized warm ups (SWUs). For the month of September they are as follow:

Warm Up 1:

8 Renegade Rows

12 Goblet Squats

4-8 CTB Chin Ups

Warm Up 2:

12 DB Thrusters

10 Shoulder Taps

12 Calorie Row

I will be going over both in class tomorrow.

StrengthBack Squat e6/8

tofino-gym-fitness-BigCrew                  4×5 @ 53×1 tempo


Conditioning: For time:

KB Swings

Sit ups


*Post time and loads to comments!





                        *Big crew last Wednesday, nice work everyone!