Bench Press (30X1) + Dumbbell Front Rack Step-Ups (30X1) Superset:

3 x 10

Start light enough to be able to move through the reps without needing too much rest between sets, or around 60% of what you could perform for 1 rep. Use a box height that allows for “Squat depth” on the working leg.

*Warm up and then perform a set of Bench Presses, followed by a set of Dumbbell Front Rack Step-Ups. Repeat for 3 work sets of each, resting 30 seconds to a minute between movements.

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Every Minute on the Minute x 18 (6e):

1) 5 Strict Chin-Ups (use assistance/resistance as needed)

2) 5 Ring Dips or 5-10 Diamond Push-Ups

3) 10 Body Saws on Rower (will explain!)