In 15 minutes, build to a heavy load (using a dumbbell or kettlebell) on the following complex:

Turkish Get-Up Ascent

5 OH (or Front Rack) Reverse lunges

Turkish GetUp Descent

Start light-medium and find a heavy single for each arm on the complex. Ideally you’ll max out at the same load on each side.



Every Minute on the Minute x 21 (7e):

A) 20 Kettlebell Swings, as heavy as possible

B) Max Push-Ups

C) Rest

Use the heaviest kettlebell that allows you to perform the sets unbroken with proper form. The goal is to perform the greatest total number of reps, not max unbroken sets. If you can’t yet do sets of 7+, scale to incline Push-Ups as needed. On the flip side, if you can perform sets of 10+ easily, scale up to Ring Push-Ups.