1- Entering the gym: If someone is taking their shoes off, wait in a designated spot outside (stickers on the door to show where people can stand). Enter the gym 1 person at a time.

2- Upon entering the gym use the hand sanitizer provided at the door.

3- Claim 1 of the 6 taped boxes as your space for class. Each box will have it’s own disinfectant and paper towel for cleaning equipment.

4- All personal belongings remain in your box.

5- All equipment used during class remains in your box for the duration of class.

6- Maintain physical distance from other members throughout the duration of class. This will require patience and practice but we are in it together.

7- Once class is complete use a spray bottle and paper towel to clean any/all gear used in class. Leave gear in your box, once cleaned, and the coach will put it away.

8- If you are a heavy sweater, spray down the floor with cleaner and wipe.

9- Use the garbage can to dispose of your used paper towels (lid removed for easy access).

10- When leaving class please provide your fellow members with 6 feet of space and exit 1 at a time.

Things to note:

*November 20th Update!*

All group fitness classes will be cancelled for the next two weeks. That being said we will be offering the same schedule for ‘Open Gym’ sessions. I will be there to help/guide individually but I will not be leading a group work out. You are welcome to bring your own programming but I will also offer suggestions on the board in our standard format. You will be responsible for your own warm up, and utilizing the hour you are signed up for.

During these open gym sessions the garage door will remain open. This is key for ventilation and is the main reason we are able to continue sessions over the next two weeks. Please remember to dress warm (I will leave the heater running), bring your phone to use as a timer, and keep all your belongings/equipment in your work out box for the entire hour.

You must reserve your class in advance as normal. There are no walk ins and our late cancellation policy still applies. You are required to wear a mask outside when you enter/exit. You are required to sanitize your hands upon entering the gym. I will take your temperature upon arrival and then assign you a box to use. Once you are in the gym you will need to grab any equipment you are using for the day.

Please remember all our previous protocols still apply. If you would like me to send them to you- please let me know. Social distancing is key during this time. Do not cross a fellow member’s box and be mindful of each other. Standard cleaning protocols are also extremely important so please continue to be diligent. I am happy to assist in putting equipment away should you not feel comfortable doing so yourself.

We will be monitoring all Island Health updates and Worksafe regulations to ensure we are adhering to any new protocols and restrictions. If you have any feedback, or concerns, I am available and here to support you. Do not hesitate to reach out.

As always if you are experiencing any cold symptoms please stay home and contact 811 get directions of what to do next.


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