Continuing on the words from Wednesday…

Opting in works the same way. It takes energy. What if our hypothetical restaurant business didn’t commit to being perpetually open for business, as a rule, through all holidays and odd scheduling shake-ups. You could argue that the business would have to continually opt in to being open on days that business is understandably closed, like Christmas for example. I can just imagine the owners and managers sitting around a monthly meeting toiling over, “Should we try to staff up and be open Christmas, Sal?”

The cost of opting in and the cost of opting out is significant. Use this cost to your advantage. The idea of waking up and opting in to coming in to train is a horrible strategy that is fueled by the least reliable energy source known to man; motivation. This will, at best, offer modest results in compliance.



Spend 10 Minutes building to a heavy triple.



9 Minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible of:

15 Toes To Bar

10 Double Unders

5 Deadlift