Understanding Sets Across

For you folks who have been training with us for awhile this concept is nothing new to you, if your just jumping on board or a little confused. Here is a quick refresher.

“Sets across” simply means you will be using the same weight for all of your work sets on a given lift. For example if your Backsquating 3×5, you will do 3-4 warm up sets at increasing weights and then preform all 5 reps of all 3 work sets at the same weight. This is in contrast to “maximal effort lifting” where you would simply build to the heaviest load possible on a given day. Most of us are not ready neurologically (can’t recruit enough force from our muscles), nor structurally (our tendons and ligaments just can’t handle it) to benefit from this type of lifting. We still need a ramp up period of sets across to avoid injury and set ourselves up for larger gains in the future.

At TSF, I pick a movement pool of 3-4 lifts to focus on for each 7 week cycle (8 weeks, if you count our testing week). For example in our current cycle you know you are seeing fequent exposures to: the Press, Deadlift, Squats, and Power Clean. Because you know that you’ll get 7 exposures to each of these lifts over the next couple months, you can game out a strategy for 7 successful lifting sessions.

This is a great example of what I would love to see in each of your log books at the end of any cycle.


Week 1 75x5x3

Week2 80x5x3

Week 3 85x5x3

Week 4 87.5x5x3

Week 5 90x5x3

Week 6 92.5x5x3

Week 7 95x5x3

end rant.

Strength: Power Clean


Work up to a medium heavy and perfect triple.

Conditioning: For time:

50 KB Swings

10 Pull Ups

40 KB Swings

10 Pull Ups

30 KB Swings

10 Pull Ups