SWU Variations
Here are some ideas on how to vary your movements to better suit your weakness or needs:

  • Do you have a problem with your knees caving in during squats? Why not throw one of the beige or red bands looped in half above your knees to help strengthen that aspect of the squat during warm-ups.  Have you never tried squatting with a band? Throw one on and see how it feels, you might be surprised.
  • What if you have trouble hitting depth? maybe grab a 12″ box or a Wall Ball and work on hitting a target. If your knees tend to shoot forward try squatting in front of a bench.
  • Do you find that your body type makes it hard to get deep on push-ups?  Try using a few bumper plates under your hands so you can get a little deeper or you can go with a bar set low in a squat rack.  This might also be a good option for folks who struggle with strict push-ups and want a little elevation.
  • Are you doing 3 sets of 5-8 pull-ups without thinking twice about it? Why not make it a little more difficult by going chest to bar or doing an L-Sit Pull-Up? You might have to drop the total reps to make these submaximal but you’ll be developing other areas in the process.
  • Chest Facing down planks too easy? Try bringing your hands forward just beyond your head. Good times!!

Strength: Press e2/8



Warm up to one top set of: a heavy 5.

Conditioning: 7 min AMRAP of:

15 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings

Pick a prescription (box height & KB weight), that allows you to go non-stop for all 7 mins.