Okay folks, so it being February now we have two new warm ups for you.


Warm Up 1:

5-12 Push Ups

4-8 Chin Up w/2sec Hold

12 Reverse Lunge


Warm Up 2:

12 Ring Rows

25 Hollow rocks

10 Db Thrusters


I will be reviewing and going over how to scale or challenge each movement tomorrow.

Today if you have been here for the majority of this cycle we will be testing our 1-3 RMs (Rep Maximum) in both the Shoulder Press and Deadlift. I will explain who a 1RM is appropriate for as well as who should go with a 3RM. We will have a mobility drill or two for each couple with ample time to complete the lifts. There will be no conditioning today. If possible come in with some sort of plan of attack. We can discuss in class if your a little lost. Happy lifting!! 🙂