What’s the difference between rituals and routines?

Rituals, control you.

You control your routines.

You can call this a technicality in definitions or understand it as an opportunity to free yourself up. I’d recommend the latter. This key distinction can make or break the automated habits in your life. There’s a fine line between the two. It’s the subtle difference between drinking coffee because it’s 6:45AM because your ritual requires it of you versus the choice to experience a cup of coffee.

There’s freedom in one. There’s prison in the other. Check your day.

Strength: Rack Jerk

Build up to a max set of 5 jerks for the day. These can be power or split but the intention is cycling. Catch the bar in your jerk rack, ride directly into the dip and drive of the jerk.

Conditioning: 5 Rounds Not For Time, or 18 Minutes
12 Dumbbell Bench Press, as heavy as possible
6-12 Toes-to-Bar
12 Kettlebell Swings, as heavy as possible

Work up to a heavy load on the Dumbbell Bench Press and the Kettlebell Swing. If you’ve been comfortable swinging “your bell,” then go a bit heavier today.