Move Better, the thought behind the words.

Motor patterns are like action blueprints in your brain. They drive every movement that your body produces.These motor patterns take much longer to build than the changes you make in your muscles while training. They also stick around much longer.

When we train motor patterns, the muscles have to come along for the ride. So you get fit, healthy, lean and muscular (i.e. the metabolic effect of training). And you get another, more lasting effect at the same time: The ability to move like a ninja. 🙂

This may be my fault but often I find people focusing on movement quantity. Like training longer, pushing more weight, trying to move faster. Or getting sore afterwards.These are short-term metrics that don’t tell us anything about long-term effects.The metabolic changes that result from exercise last for several weeks at the most. If you stop working out, they fade away.

This is why we focus on the quality of movement first. It doesn’t matter how fast, how heavy or how often you’re moving if the movement isn’t done well. The reason we keep track of weights and reps here is it’s easy to quantify, it’s far from perfect. I want you all to challenge your self to move better. It may mean getting a few less reps in a workout or a little less weight on the bar. Once you move well, a whole world opens up.

Strength: Front Squat

Find 1 or 3 RM.

Conditioning: 12 min AMRAP of:

8 Toes to Bar

16 Sit-Ups

24 Alternating Lunges (forward or reverse)