Okay guys time change for the Holiday. There will be three classes offered today. We will be going with a 930am, a 1030am and a 530pm. Hope to see all of you at one of those times.

Reminder this is only for tomorrow after that training will resume its regular schedule.

Strength: Shoulder-to-Overhead

1 Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk
Work up to a max for the day on the complex. Practice efficient re-racking of the barbell from overhead. Catching and moving directly into the next jerk is the ideal.

Conditioning: For Time
Push Presses


The Push Press weight should be light enough for you to cycle efficiently, 2-3 sets for the 30, 1-2 for the 20, and unbroken for the 10. Perform the sit ups on a soft surface and with momentum. Sub for Double Unders is 15-10-5 Attempts/Makes.