How Time Flies

To think it was a year ago today that I half assedly cleared out Bobs garage and opened the doors of our current home. It blows my mind to how fast that went by, it was truly a blur. There is way to many people to thank that have helped along the way made this place a reality.

This place wouldn’t be possible with out all of you,¬†making it an amazing environment to train in, I feel privileged to be apart of it. Its been quite the year watching all of you show up day after day and putting in a tremendous amount of hard work, and supporting each other the whole way through. For that I thank you! It was a hell of a year and can’t wait to see what follows!!


tofino-fitness-gym-BobsgarageFrom our beginings in Bobs garage.

To acquiring our current space…

Dry walling… If you’ve never tried it I’m jealous of you.



Bob and myself, putting down some flooring.

Thanks again Bob!

Shannon and Robbie with the first official workout in the gym.


To where we are today, with many more good times on the way!!

Alright now to business. I like to introduce the first annual Feats of Strength and Skill

This will included 5 tests that we will do in each of todays classes. After a quick warm up we will be moving through the following test:

  1. Max Dead Hang
  2. 3 Pull erg Test
  3. Max Broad Jump
  4. Max L-sit Hold
  5. Farmers Walk Challenge

All events will be explained in class so no worries if you have any questions!