By Robbie Elliott

One thing that resonates with myself from my one of my earliest sessions with Dan was a question and an answer…. I asked him when he was going to hire his first employee and how quickly his gym would be expanding?  He replied, “Before growth, I want to build a culture. I want this to be more than a gym, I want it to be a community” (Obviously my typing is more articulate but we don’t need to go into that).

Why does this resonate with me? Well, because after a year, it 100% holds true.  I don’t just go into the gym excited because I got off my butt and sweat a little, or because Im stoked to see if I can add 10 lbs to a lift or even to do pull-ups while listening to Iron Maiden.  I love going in because Im a part of a community of like minded people who have become so much more than training companions.  They are family now.  I don’t wave to them in the street. I stop traffic to run through the road to see what todays workout was and if they were pumped on their latest lifts.  Bob gave me chains for my truck because I was scared to drive the pass. Anna gave me an amazing book that I was looking for to improve my organization.  After 10 years of never even passing the time, Nicki and I have a riot whenever surfing crappy closeout Cox Bay together.

TSF is so much more than Tofino’s nickname of “the Super gym”[editors note: fuck ya it is, awesome nickname whoever came up with it].  Its a place where a culture has been built to, every day, feel exponentially better about ourselves, achieve goals individually and with community support, and build connections with amazing people that just want to go to the gym and kick some ass!!!

Strength: Front Squat e6/8


Conditioning: 20 min AMRAP

10 Burpees

15 KB Swings

20 OH Lunges

25 Squats