Goal Setting (Part 1)

Selecting Goals


A problem seen all to often is that people either do not know how to set goals or they just do not care about setting them. This is a mistake. Sure, one can make progress with out goals but performance increases skyrocket when high quality goals are set.

Within the context of training high quality goals are tangible feats that can be measured by numbers. Below are some examples of high quality goals:


  1. Preform 10 pull ups with good form.
  2. Row 500m in 1:45.
  3. Deadlift 350lbs.
  4. Put on 10 pounds of muscle.
  5. Lose 10 pounds of fat.

When most people set their goals for the first time it is common to see very low quality goals. Usually they are goals that are ill defined or they are not measurable. For example , some low quality goals are listed below:

  1. improve on pullups.
  2. Row better.
  3. Get stronger.
  4. Gain muscle mass.
  5. Lose weight.

With high quality goals we can start to construct a plan of attack to work towards them. If you have a goal to preform 10 pullups then it is logical that you need to first build up the capacity to perform a single pullup, then 2 pullups, then 3 pullups, etc.

Start thinking of some high quality goals, I will be talking more about strategies for this over the next little while. We are all going to have some set, with a plan to attack them, in the next few weeks!

Strength: Backsquat e4/8


Conditioning: 5 Rounds

Row 300m

Rest 2:30

*We will be tracking fastest and slowest row. Lots of rest in between rounds so row hard!!