Okay folks,

Friday is Canada Day meaning we are, once again, doing our Annual “Murph” Challenge. They way this will work is I will be putting up a sign up on the board starting tomorrow.

Heats of 5 people will start every half hour. My plan was to start at 930, if enough of you wish to start earlier we could add earlier heats.

This workout is a tough one. As prescribed it includes,

a 1 mile run

Then broken up in to whatever rep scheme you prefer you must collect:

100 Pull- Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats

then capped off with another 1 mile run.

This can take anywhere from 35 minutes to upwards of 75 minutes. There will be scaling options available as well, so don’t let the workout scare you. If you can I’d love to see you there!

With this there will be no evening classes. Get out there and celebrate your country’s birthday!


Rack Jerk:


Work up to a max single for the day. Press-outs are missed lifts.



AMRAP 12 Minutes:

8 Push-Ups
16 Sit-Ups
24 Alternating Lunges (forward or reverse)