What’s more important?

Is it the planning or the doing? This could be debated until the end of time, and there is definitely valid arguments from both sides. I’m beginning to slowly relaize (for myself at least) that the doing has a way bigger effect on my life. Don’t get me wrong having a plan is definitely very helpful from business to nutrition and everything in between (fitness included). But there is defiantly some cool things that happen when you start doing. Just get started with whatever it is you want to do, sure it wont be perfect but you’ll learn tons along the way. I guess what I’m trying to say here is not to not plan, but don’t get caught up in the details. What is going to get your stronger; spending 2 months planning out the perfect squat program or instead spending that time getting under the bar and just squatting? You tell me.

Analysis paralysis is a thing, don’t let it trap you! It’s gotten me before but I am trying very hard to not let it happen again. What’s something you have wanted to do, but your stuck in the planning phase? Post it to comments, I dare you. Be warned thought, I will be following up very shortly to make sure you have started.

end rant.

p.s sorry for any grammar areas still working on my writing skills. (this applies to all my posts, feel free to call me out always open to learn)

Skill Work: Kipping Pull Up or Beat Swing

Conditioning: 7 min AMRAP

tofino-gym-fitness-Gangchillout7 Thrusters

7 Box Jumps

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The gang cooling down and playing around after Wednesday workout.