Hand Care

Having our hands covered in chalk and rubbing against: barbells, kettlebells, pull up bar etc. ,for hours every week doesn’t exactly prepare hands for a modeling carrer. Calluses will be commonplace, and  blisters and tears will occur occasionally. The issue here is it’s usually due to inadequate preventative efforts, I was lucky to spend lots of times with climbers in my young age and got hand care drilled into me early.

As far as preventative hand care measures go there are two keys, keeping the palms smooth and free of any hard, sharp edges, and keeping them adequately moisturized. You folks may notice the you will generally develop calluses near the bases of the fingers and possibly near the joints of some fingers. If these calluses aren’t maintained well, their edges can catch and been torn (which sometimes, is fine if its just dead skin, most of the time the tear will continue to living skin and can create a painful wound). These calluses can be kept smooth by either using a pumas stone (fancy lava rock) after showering or regularly sanding them down with fine sandpaper. If this practice is consistent, rarely if ever will a callus develop to a degree that can cause problems.

     As far as keeping the hands moisturized for many of you this wont be much of an issue because of the amount of time spent in the ocean. Yet some moisturizer can be applied after training (on clean hands) or before bed, to help keep them soft and healthy.

Tears are an injury, be it a minor one, and can disrupt training. If during a workout you feel like your calluses are starting to tear, stop. I can give you something else to do or we can call the training there for the day. This shouldn’t be much of a worry though if we create proper hand care habits.

I put some sandpaper squares and moisturizer in the bottom left cubby of the shoe rack, feel free to use.

Strength: Backsquat


500m Row

Catch breath for 30 seconds then,

1 Heavy KB swing

1 Breath

2 Heavy KB swing

2 Breaths

3 Heavy KB swing

3 Breaths

till you can’t keep up…