tofino-gym-fitness-BruceLeeThis is a quote that comes to mind often when programming training cycles for you folks. Programming for strength and conditioning is a balance of science and art. With that being said I am always looking to improve our our programming at the school. I am continually looking for better and more efficient methods to get you folks fit, it’s part of the reason none of our training cycle look exactly the same. As most of you know our current training cycle is coming to an end. There were things I liked about our last six weeks of training and some things I feel like can be improved upon. Feedback from you guy is always appreciated, please never be shy of what you think of the programing (good and bad).

One thing that will be different from the current cycle is that the strength portions of our training will be preformed on the same day each week. We will also be playing around with standardized warm ups for specific block of time (I will be touching more on this in another post).


Skill: Kipping Pull Up Or Beat Swing work

Conditioning Prep

Conditioning: Crossfit’s Infamous “Fran”


Kipping Pull ups or Ring Rows


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