Standardized Warm Ups

This was briefly mentioned is yesterdays post but we are going to start using Standardized Warm Ups (they will now be referred to as SWUs). There are a few reasons for this. The most pressing being I have watched many of you make huge improvements in your barbell lifts yet I feel like we aren’t spending enough time developing basic gymnastic capacity. A great way to do this is through direct practice of basic calisthenics. So how this will work (for at least the next few months) is each month there will be two SWUs written up and left on the board. For August (though we will start implementing these on Monday) our SWUs will be:

Warm Up 1                                                                                          Warm Up 2

3 Rounds NFT of:                                                                              3 Rounds NFT of:

12 Overhead Squats (PVC or appropriate barbell)                       :20 Static or Rocking Hollow Hold

5-12 Push-Ups                                                                                    10e Reverse Lunges (option to add a little load w/ DBs or Plate)

8 Ring Rows                                                                                        3-5 Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups with a :02 hold at the top

If you train 3-4 times a week you should alternate between the two( i.e Mon-WU1,Wed-WU2,Fri-WU1, Sat-WU2), if you are only training once or twice a week I suggest picking one warm-up and preforming it each time you come to the gym. The reason for this is so that you can focus on fewer movements and make more progress. For example if you’d like to get better at push ups you should always preform the warm-up with push ups in it so you are practicing more time each week. You will also notice some of these movement have a rep range attached to them. With these pick something that will warm you up well and give you some practice at the movement but not wear you completely out for the rest of the days training. Think of the warm up as the appetizer, you don’t want to fill up before the main course.

One last thing to note with the SWUs, is that alternatives will be made for days that one of the movements may interfere with the days training. You folks shouldn’t be preforming 25+ push ups if we will be doing them later in the days training (conditioning mostly).  I may suggest you substitute KB swings for the push ups in the example scenario.

*feel free to post thoughts or questions to comments, or ask me in person 🙂

Saturdays Training

Strength Work: Reverse Halting Deadlift


Deadlift the bar to lock out then pause on the way down, just below the knee cap. the goal here is to maintain back angle, stay tight and keep the bar over midfoot. this is a great way to develop body awareness, back strength and rock solid deadlift technique.

Conditioning: 5 Rounds for time of:

8e OH lunges

10 V-snaps

8 Push ups

*Post time and load to comments!