Just want to start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone that attended “Murph” the other day. Good times! Some of you may still be feeling sore, which is perfectly normal. Today will have a bit of a longer warmup and mobility focus in order to get those bodies moving well again before we get to picking up barbells.


Strength: Deadlift

*these DLs are not sets across meaning you can adjust your weights as you see fit through the five sets. Moving real slow and super tough? Scale it back a bit. If it feels like you could toss that barbell through the ceiling, add some weight. for today the goal is to keep it around 70%.

Conditioning: 12 min EMOM

8 Kb Swings

8 Sit ups

*Post loads and times to comments!



*The crew that survived “Murph 2015”, good times had by all!

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