Training Vs Testing

Failing lifts too often can be seriously taxing on the central nervous system and frustrating for athletes—in addition, it adds psychological stress and creates negative expectations when approaching lifts. To prevent it from occurring too often and to gain control over teaching you folks to fail well. Our day-in, day-out workouts should be considered training, and an opportunity to go a little bit heavier or (eventually) hit prescribed percentages without reaching absolute limits. This is the reason why we program testing days into our training cycles, as athletes we want to push our limits and really discern our capacity. This is the times to do that. Both are important in serious training, they just need to be used correctly. Our testing of this Cycle will be: July20th, July 22nd and July 24th. I will revisit this topic closer to those dates.


Strength: Back Squat

Conditioning Prep

Conditioning: For Time




I will talk about how to choose your weights for this workout in class.

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