Why Handstands?

There could be volumes written (and probably are) on the benefits of handstands. From shoulder flexibility to improved spacial awareness the handstand is one sweet movement.

As most of  you know we use many different schools of movement here in the gym to get you folks in shape. From Olympic Lifting to running and everything in between. Gymnastic is one of the best developers of relative strength (strength in relation to your body weight) out there in my opinion. With that being said Handstands are the fundamental position in gymnastics much like the squat is for human movement. If our air squat is not up to par, it is unlikely that we will be able to correctly execute other techniques such as weighted back squats, front squats, overhead squats and the Olympic lifts. Without a solid foundation in the squat all of the other core exercises will fail to develop correctly . Likewise, proper handstands have this same effect on many other positions and movements in gymnastics.

With that being said,

Skill work: Handstand practice

Double Under Review

Conditioning: “Flight simulator”

Unbroken Double Unders


There will be a 15 min time cap on this workout, see how far you can get. Each set need to be completed unbroken before moving on to the next set. Haven’t figured out double unders yet? Your going to have 15 min to practice 😉

*Post rounds completed to comments!


*the gang working on some overhead mobility.