The quick lifts are notorious for their perceived complexity and many athletes struggle developing capacity in the lifts. To the undeveloped lifter, the Olympic lifts look like a blur of movement and often feel even worse.  The good news however, is that with the right approach steady progress can be made. Today, I will discuss something that is super important in developing capacity in these lifts.


The Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk and the Snatch) are different than the  Power Lifts( Deadlift, Squat, and Press). Although both are barbell exercises, the Olympic lifts are a demonstration of power through a technically sensitive series of movements and positions. Because of the speed involved you have less margin for error than the Power Lifts which are performed at slower tempos and are easier for your nervous system to process. You have often heard me harp about gradually increasing the loads on your power lifts to develop strength and I have watched many of you become stronger through gradual progressive increases of weight on the bar.

We cannot however expect the same linear development of the Olympic Lifts. Your emphasis when approaching these lifts should be “as heavy as technically proficient today” instead of “a little heavier than last time”.  If you’re feeling good and the positions are clicking, then by all means push a little that day, but if you’re missing positions and starting to deviate from good form, you need to pull back and work on the skill component of the lifts.  This mindset helps produce productive training sessions where you can focus on getting better, not necessarily moving more weight. Instead, each time you train, focus on one or two aspects of the lift you want to develop that day. Even if you moved 10lbs less then the previous week but your rack delivery became a little smoother and quicker, you’ve moved in the right direction.

Happy lifting everyone!


Skill Work: Snatch Balance Seriestofino-gym-fitness-OHsquat

Pressing Snatch Balance

Drop Snatch

Snatch Balance

Assistance: 4 Rounds Not For Time (NFT)

1 min Static Hang

5 Barbell Rollouts/ Ab Wheels

3e Pistols

Get those bars overhead today! 🙂