How does the body feel today?

If you have trained with me for any length of time this is a question you have heard from me, probably more than once. The reason behind this is I am constantly trying to keep improving how I program our training sessions for you folks. By gathering this information I am able make more informed decisions as how to get you guys to continually improve. Don’t get me wrong there is always a plan with our training but it is flexible enough that there is room to tweak things based on how you guys are doing. For example I may have not taken into consideration how much your shoulders got worked on a handstand day and may need to adjust the volume of upper body work in the next training session. So please don’t hesitate to let me know how your bodies are feeling next time I ask. Get out there and enjoy this sun!



Skill work: Snatch Balance Series

*Continue to work on the snatch support positions

DB Snatch 101

Conditioning: 15 min AMRAP of:

15 Double Unders

15 DB Snatch

*Post rounds to comments









*The 8:45 crew crushing the conditioning work a couple weeks ago.