Just wanted to say nice work from everybody on the heavy Shoulder Presses! Today we will be pulling heavy stuff off the ground 🙂

Strength: Deadlift

Find a heavy single. If you don’t know what your 3rm is you will be doing that.

Conditioning: 7 min AMRAP of:

14 KB Swings

7 Burpees

Anyone who has done are fundamentals since December will have done this conditioning peice, have a look in you log books to see what your trying beat!

*post load and times to comments!


tofino-gym-fitness-HippoSP We have a fairly long workout coming up July 1st (anywhere from 35-mins to just over an hour) post some songs, to comments, you would enjoy listening to while getting your sweat on! I will start getting a playlist together. Also a big shout out to everyone who spread the news about the site, thanks guys means a lot to me.

Great work fighting for that shoulder press Hippo!