So today was one of the most rewarding days  in the gym for me, as your coach, in awhile. Not to belittle our daily grind, but it was awesome to watch all you guys achieve numbers you wouldn’t of thought were possible 8 weeks ago. Nice work crew! You all put a huge amount of work in the past two months and it was really awesome to see it come together for each of you. So to cap this cycle off we have a workout that some of you will recognize, for others it will be a new one. Your just going to have to show up to see what it is 😉

Hint: there may be intervals involved.









Papa Pearson working on his Ext rotation, he may of also had the heaviest DL of the day. Coincidence? Only the universe knows.

If you have a minute read this, definitely made me think about how I schedule and choose to spend my days.