Today we will be working on our Hang Power Snatch so today’s session will be focused pretty much solely around this. Last time I talked about the mindset we want to adopt while Olympic lifting todays rant is going to be about positions.

One of the bigger mistakes I see athletes make is not taking the time to develop a perfect starting and rack position(FYI the rack position is where we catch the barbell before we stand up with it). The nice thing about these is they are static positions that you can work on and get right every time. There is a lot of movement happening very quickly in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, but if you focus on perfecting the start and finish position the blurry stuff in the middle will naturally start to work itself out.

The Start Position

Whether you’re starting from below the knee, the floor or anywhere else take the time to make sure your back is arched, your weight is balanced and the bar is touching your body with your arms hanging straight. On top of that, remember that you’re about to rapidly accelerate a barbell and you need to get TIGHT. This means taking the slack out of the system (barbell/you) by taking a big breath in and bracing your muscles.  You upper back should feel engaged and your hamstrings should be on tension. Never, ever (ever) rush through your start position. If you’re soft or out of balance, the barbell’s trajectory will deviate from where it needs to be and the lift will be missed or botched.  You simply cannot lift well from a bad start position, so take the time to learn exactly where you need to and get there every-single-time.

end rant.

Happy lifting!

p.s there will be no conditioning piece to today session, we will save it for Wednesday. Also Wednesday being Canada Day we only have one class, its at 10:30am come one, come all, and be ready to sweat 🙂




This photo is from the A&R Memorial, a Olympic lifting competition I went and checked out in Port Alberni in February.