Training Cycle Template

Training Cycle Dates: M 8/15 – Sa 10/8
Crush Week: M 10/10 – Su 10/15

Monday: Tempo Back Squats + Conditioning/NFT

Wednesday: Press + Chin Ups + Conditioning/NFT

Friday: Power Cleant + Conditioning/NFT

Saturday: Front Squat + Team Conditioning


Mondays we will be doing a Tempo Back Squat LP (Linear Progression). Wednesday will be a 2 strength movement day in which the Press and Chin-ups are super-setted (performed back to back). Fridays will be a Power Clean LP. Last ,but not least, Saturdays will be a Front Squat LP followed by conditioning work in small teams.

Tempo Back Squat Cycle

4×5 @ 43X1 tempo

Start light enough to add weight throughout the cycle.

Press Cycle

3×5 Linear Progression
Last exposure is a 1-3RM test

Chin Up Cycle


If chin ups are something you can handle well think about adding weight.

Power Clean Cycle

5×3 Linear Progression (Start light. Bail each rep and reset within a few seconds)

Front Squat Cycle

3×3 Linear Progression.
Add 2-5 lbs each exposure. Plan to hit your 3RM for a 3×3 in week 8