“How did your squats go?” I ask.

“Heavy. More weight than last time. But heavy,” you say with a mixture of disappointment and exhaustion.

As if you wish, you think, you expect that your increase in weight will feel lighter by  the fact that you got a little stronger. And that’s your goal: to be strong enough that heavy weight feels light.

Well, I think you’ve got your goal backwards.

Weight should be heavy. You should be required to push. Getting strong is hard work, as Mark Rippetoe often says. It is a commitment; not something you suddenly arrive at, but rather a slow, deliberate journey that becomes more challenging over time.

Sure today’s weight will feel light one day: when it’s your warm up on the way to lifting something heavier. Relish(thank god spellcheck has a thesaurus) heavy weight, it never gets easier. And you shouldn’t want it to.

end rant.

Strength: Snatch

Up to 5 Attempts at a new 1RM Snatch. Misses count as attempts.

Conditioning: AMRAP 7 Minutes:

Today’s burpees are to a 4″ height (45# bumper). Two foot hop on to the plate. The jump is to the target, and you must come to full stand on top of the plate. Aim to maintain a steady even pace and not red line until the last 30-60 seconds.