Yesterday I touched on sleep, so today I want to expand on this topic with some tips that aid in a good night sleep.

Your room should be pitch dark and preferably cool in temperature (design and fung shui is cool, too, though). Black out shades are key. Hopefully  you’ve understood that leaving the TV on is a poor choice, as well. Want to know exactly how hardcore this darkness should be?

A study illustrated that a small exposure of LED light to the backside of patient’s knee begin the release of cortisol in the blood in an otherwise pitch black room, which leaves your cell phone, light from the street lamp outside your window, and even that damn red light on your alarm clock/DVD player/TV could be a perpetrator to your hormones.

Try sleep in total darkness for real rest, and potentially even weight-loss and cancer fighting properties (not yet proven). Night night, Sleep tight! Don’t let the sea lions bite.

Conditioning: For Time:

60 Calorie Row

50 V-Snaps

40 OH Reverse Lunges

30 KB Swings

20 Burpees

10 Cleans

*Have fun with this guy! Post times and loads to comments!!