So as you may have noticed, we took a break from our cycle for this week (and next). This will make our testing of our 1-3 RM(Rep Maxes) happen the week of Nov.23-28. My question for you is do you have goals for this week of testing? Mainly are there numbers you are hopping to hit? Take some time and think about this, as it can help your training tremendously. It’s always easier to work hard with a goal your chasing. So take a few minutes, take a look through your training journal, and pick some numbers, if you have no idea let me know we can go through your numbers together and pick something or we could use this guys formula —>


Strength: Reverse Halting Deadlift


The lowering phase is often ignored out of laziness, I like this version it helps teach how to properly lower the bar while maintaining your back angel and balance.

Conditioning: 4 Rounds For Time of:

25 KB Swings

10e OH KB Squat

8 Push Ups

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