Do you consider yourself too inflexible or inexperienced to try yoga because you’re not one of those “naturally” bendy-kinda-people? Are your tight shoulders keeping you from finding a good overhead squat position? Are your hips and hamstrings begging for a bit of attention? Do you sit in a chair for long period of time? You get where this is going…

A fellow athlete of yours, ms Amanda Pozzobon(hope i spelt that right, if not sorry Amanda!) and myself have been talking about how great it would be if we could offer a Yoga class for all you folks. Yoga for Athletes(so far the name we’ve been working with) classes, designed and taught with the athlete in mind, will allow you to start exactly where you are and build a foundation that supports your conditioning, weightlifting, and overall quality of life. We’ll learn and practice basic postures, focusing on the alignment and action of the body. Through a variety of standing, seated, kneeling, prone/supine poses, and even some inversions, the whole body will be stretched, moved, challenged, and restored. With consistent yoga practice over time, you can expect to increase your balance, improve coordination, develop more range of motion, create control of your breath, and calm the mind.

So now I have a question for you folks. When would you show up if this was part of our training schedule? We have a few options for you to choose from (we will be picking one), but feel free to throw other options out there we are always open to suggestions!

745pm Mondays

8am Thursdays

8 or 830am or 11am Saturdays

So either post the time you like the most to comments or tell me personally, I will be asking about this tomorrow at the gym so be ready with an answer:)

Some of the logistics of this are still in the works, just wanted to get an idea of


Finally back to our cycle here. This is week 4.

Strength: Bench Press e4/8


  • Add 2.5-5lbs from last weeks exposure to this lift.

Deadlift e4/8

Work up  to one heavy set of 5 using perfect form.

  • Heavier than last weeks set of 5. Dead start, no touch-and-go.


Conditioning: For Time, 20-15-10-5:

Wall Balls

Toes to Bar

*Post load and times to comments!!