Sleepy time

The short story is that we’ve got this amazing hormone called cortisol. It’s often referred in slang as “the stress hormone,” as it’s the fuel inside us to tell us, “Hey, it’s daytime! You should go get food and get up to adventures. Also, if you need to run from a tiger, we’re ready to roll!”

Our  bodies are complex and powerful, exposure to light begins producing this cortisol stuff to get us going each day. The only kicker is we haven’t adapted so much to our ability to artificially infuse our lives with light at all times. The idea that our streets are always lit, that we have a mini version of the sun in our hand with out iPhones, and the fluorescent lights of most public buildings all play a part in confusing our body into thinking that it’s day time (and time to get food and be active). In addition, light curbs melatonin production.

There are  consequences for your body being confused into thinking it’s always day time.

These consequences include poor sleep and recovery, and hormonal imbalance to name a few. Now before you move to Vargas island thinking it’s the only place you’ll be able to sleep, let’s start with a practical change.

Sleep in the dark.


Strength: Complete the following complex:

Halting Snatch DL+ Mid Hang Power Snatch+ OH Squat

*Try to add a little weight from last week.

Conditioning: 14 Min EMOM

* You will be alternating each minute between:

3 Power Snatches

5 Pull Ups