Alright here is what we have on tap for you guys this time around. Our new training cycle begins tomorrow.

Training cycle dates: M 2/8- Sa 4/2

Cycle goals:

  • Improve overhead strength and develop cycling proficiency
  • Develop proficiency in cycling the Olympic lifts
  • Core and Pull Up accessory work.
  • Improve aerobic and overall work capacity (lots of skipping and rowing)

Monday: Shoulder-to-Overhead(OH)+Conditioning

Wednesday: Snatch/OH Squat+Conditioning

Friday: Bench+Conditioning

Saturday: High Bar Back Squat+Conditioning

Shoulder-to-Overhead and Snatch/Overhead Squat days work will be varied. Often these days will look like: Warm up, lift heavy enough to prime body and mind for lighter weights used in the conditioning. Then get after it! Bench and Backsquat days will follow a Linear Progression.