Our Upcoming  Cycle

The intention of these next eight weeks is to target particular movements while still biasing general fitness as the overarching goal of training.

Cycle Dates: Monday 9/21- Saturday 11/28

* You may notice that this is 10 weeks, I am away for a weekend (10/15-10/19) for a course in Seattle. Meaning that we wont have class on the Friday(10/16) or Monday(10/19)so we will be taking a break from this cycle for those two weeks and play with some other movements.

Cycle Goals: Add variety to our barbell strength training

Have one dedicated conditioning day each week

Incorporate more gymnastic strength training


Monday: Bench Press + Deadlift + Conditioning

Wednesday : Squat + Conditioning

Friday: Snatch + Gymnastics strength + Conditioning

Saturday: Conditioning. No dedicated lift, with Clean and Jerk bias

For some of you that want the down and dirty details of the cycle here you go!

Bench Cycle

3×5 Linear Progression
Last exposure is a 3RM test

Deadlift Cycle

Increasing loads through the 8-week cycle, warm up to one top set of:
1 – Heavy 10
2 – Heavy 8
3 – Heavy 5
4 – Heavy 5
5 – Heavy 5
6 – Heavy 3
7 – Heavy 3
8 – 1-3RM test

Squat Cycle

Goal is to add weight each week.
3×10 (start at about 55-60% your 3RM)
Heavy Triple Test
Heavy Single Test

If you have any questions about any of this please don’t hesitate to ask!

One last thing to note, is in week 1 we will be Squating Monday and Benching + Deadlifting Wednesday. This is due to the fact that our two new benches should arrive at some point tomorrow (Monday).


Onto Mondays work!

Strength: Backsquat


Conditioning: 7 Min AMRAP of:

12e OH Lunges

10 Burpees

6 Push ups

*Post loads and times to comments!