Just a few quick notes,  Yoga on Sunday mornings is disappearing for the time being, I will look at starting a different day or time if folks want it, so if you’d like yoga to remain at the gym let me know! Another note, we are going to be moving active recovery to 9am on Saturday mornings. Thursday afternoon hasn’t seemed very popular anymore, so we are trying a new time slot. This will not affect the 10am GPP class, and if you would like to do both you are more than welcome too.

For those of you who don’t know what active recovery is or need a reminder why we offer this. We believe that the key to training longevity and improved performance is recovery. Active Recovery class is an hour in which you’ll be guided through a combination of soft tissue work, mobility techniques, and restorative practices to improve range of motion, joint health, and overall performance. In each class, you’ll learn skills and methods for targeted recovery based on your specific needs and our  group class programming.

Classes may include:

  • Myofascial release techniques (using foam rollers, lacross balls, etc.)
  • Range of motion testing to clearly identify limitations
  • Joint stability exercises for improved movement quality (e.g., rotator cuff activation)
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Guided meditation, breathwork, and stress reduction techniques
  • Movement circuits to incorporate full and healthy range of motion

Another reminder is that this class is open to anyone, I’m sure all of you know someone who could benefit from giving there body some love. The goal of this class is to help expand your tool box of recovery drills and movements so that your able to give your body the maintenance it deserves and needs.

The class is $10 for non-members, for you folks with a membership it’s included! I hope to see you then!


Every 90 seconds for 8 rounds:
Power Clean

Work up to a heavy load for the day. Maintain the same tension and balance off the floor that you’ve been working on these past 7 weeks.



AMRAP 2 Minutes:
5 Deadlifts
5 Burpees

Rest 2 minutes.

AMRAP 2 Minutes:
15 Double-Unders
10 Squats

Rest 2 minutes.

AMRAP 2 Minutes:
Wall Balls