Lately I’ve been playing with a morning ritual. And now i’ve started to experiment with a sleep ritual I thought I’d invite you guys to join on this journey. So here we go.

Good sleep doesn’t happen magically. Just like you can’t go from deep sleep to super-energized first thing in the morning, you need time to transition between a busy day and relaxation.

A sleep ritual is a set of behaviors that helps you wind down and make this important transition.

Starting tonight, start building your own sleep ritual.

Here’s an example of what mine is going to look like tonight,

30 to 60 minutes before your planned bedtime:

  1. Turn off all electronics (TV, computer, cell phone, etc.).
    Put that phone away somewhere if you think you’ll be tempted to check it “one last time”.
  2. Lower the lights a bit.
    Dim light tells your brain it’s time for bed.
  3. Do a “brain dump”.
    Pull out a piece of paper and write down all the things you need to do tomorrow.

    If you like, add anything else you’re worried about, or that’s on your mind.

    Set it aside.

    Now it’s the paper’s problem.

  4. Do something that actively calms your mind.
    For instance:

    • Listen to relaxing music.
    • Read some fiction (or read your kids a quiet bedtime story).
    • Pet your dog or cat.
    • Meditate.
    • Have a warm bath.
    • Etc.

Decide what will chill you out and “gear down” your brain, and do it. Even if you can only do 10 minutes of purposeful chilling-out before bed, 10 is more than 0. And a great place to start.

Strength: Power Clean

Spend 10 Minutes warming up your Power Clean to a weight heavier than you will use in the workout.

Conditioning: 3 Rounds, for time of:
15 Power Cleans
12 Push Presses
9 Pull-Ups