Good evening folks we are talking a break from your regular schedule rambling about food. To bring this important service announcement:

Consistency is like compounded interest in a savings account.

For example, let’s say you have two people investing money. They get the same 9% interest rate.

Person A puts away $500 per month from ages 18–55.

Person B doesn’t start as early. He starts investing at age 30 and also goes until age 55. But he compensates for the missed time by setting aside three times as much and investing $1,500 each month.

At age 55, Person A will have $1,689,00. (Only $222,000 of that will be original investment. The rest is interest.)

Person B will have $1,662,000. But he had to work a lot harder for it.

Seems like slow and steady actually does pay off, huh?

This brings us to our theme for the day:

It’s better to keep up than catch up.

The decisions you make from day to day become who you are.

We don’t think ourselves into new behaviors.

We behave ourselves into new ways of thinking.

Every time you choose to skip a workout or slack off on eating well, you’re hard-wiring that behavior, even if you “catch up” on it later.

Conversely, every time you choose to show up fworkouts, you’re grooving that new behavior. Putting a few more coins in the piggy bank.

end rant. (for now…)

Strength: Every Minute on the Minute, for 16 Minutes:
Minute 1: 5 Touch-and-Go Power Cleans
Minute 2: 7 Burpees

…repeat alternating power cleans and burpees through 16 minutes. Touch-and-go is the goal of today’s power cleans but don’t let that devolve into crappy form for the sake of hanging on to the bar. Scale reps and/or load to something you can handle well. Review touch-and-go here.

Conditioning: For Time:
Kettlebell Swings