Most of us work at something, whether that’s a job, or being a stay-at-home parent, or being a student. Work defines us. At parties, we ask, “So, what do you do for a living? Work gives us meaning and purpose. Work helps us get things done. Or maybe work just gives us headaches and a desk full of TPS reports(that you’ll need to come in over the weekend to do).

For many folks, work is who we are. And therein lies the problem.

Because what happens when that work goes away? Or changes? Or starts to suck? Or pays us less? Or takes us away from our families?Well, that’s when things get rough. And often, our health suffers.

Your work is a part of you, not all of you. Don’t let it define you.


Press/Chin up Superset*:


3×5 Linear Progression

Add 5lbs from last weeks working weight. Reminder, these are sets across. Meaning you will be using the same weight for all 3 working sets.

1B) Chin Ups:


These should be a “challenging” three. That will mean something different person to person. Be it less band than your used to or adding weight. Ask me if you don’t know where your at.

*Superset means that you perform a set of exercise A (in this case the Press) and then after a short rest, 30 seconds to a minute, you perform a set of exercise B (in this case the Chin ups). You then rest a short period before returning to exercise A and continue in this fashion until all warm up and work sets are completed.



Every Minute on the Minute for 4 Rounds each of:

1) 15 Wall Balls
2) 15 Kettlebell Swings
3) 15 Box Jumps
4) Rest