Goal setting can be a tricky thing. Many times when people do what they think of as goal setting they are actually just creating a wish list. For example, “ I want to be faster on the erg”, or “I want to lose weight” are not really goals, they are wishes. “I want to take 30 seconds of my 2k Row time”, and “I want to lose 15 lbs by November”, or even better, “I want to lose 15 lbs and be down 2 pant sizes by my birthday party in November” is a goal. These are specific statements that spell out what the desired end result is. Be specific. Make a list of reasons WHY you want to achieve said goals. Write it all out.

A goal must also be for you. You have to really be the one who wants to achieve it. They can’t be for anyone else, and they can’t be something you just think you should be able to do. You need to own it.

Have a plan on how you’ll achieve the goal. Map out the steps you’ll take on the way. Want to have that faster 2k row? Think you’ll need to row a bit to get there? Plan it out and write it out. “I will row 2x a week before or after class. One day will be a 5k-10k piece focusing on technique. The other day will be 5 x 250 or 500 meter sprints focusing on intensity”. Have a plan, write it out, and make it happen!



3×5 LP

If last weeks sets went well and were completed, add 2.5- 5lbs.



5 Rounds Not For Time:

12 Ring Rows

2 lengths 1-arm farmers carry (each)

250m Row

Rest as needed between movements and rounds.

Choose a position that makes the ring rows challenging but your able to make all the reps in once set without thrusting from the hips. Start with the non dominant arm in the carries and have that arm set the weight. Row the 250m in as few stokes as possible, this means you have to push HARD!!