Chunking is a term that I came across in “The Talent Code”. Basically, what it means is to break a movement up into chunks and train your brain to master smaller simpler movements so that the full movement can be brought together and executed perfectly or as close to as possible.

When we are training more technical lifts, sometimes a complex breaking it into three simpler movements is better technique practice than the complete movement, especially in early days. So, sometimes we program things like  Snatch Deadlift + Hanging Power Snatch + OH Squat.  The snatch deadlift focuses on set up, tension and bar path.  HPS focuses on your explosion, getting under the bar and locking out positioning. OHS focuses on burying that squat and standing out of your lift with the bar overhead.

So when you get a chance to do these complexes and smaller movements, really focus on perfecting the focus points of each movement.  That way when it all comes together it will make sense in your brain and you’ll be nailing them very quickly. Happy Chunking.




3×5 LP

If last weeks sets went well and were completed, add 2.5- 5lbs.



Every minute on the minute x 12 (4ea):
1) 16/12 Calorie Row
2) 10 Dumbbell Thrusters
3) 10  Pull-Ups

Go medium hard on the rows and aim for unbroken on the Thrusters and  Pull-Ups. Scale the Pull-Ups to half volume with strict Banded Pull-Ups or Jumping Pull-Ups as needed.