Push/Pull Superset


a)3 x 4 Banded strict Chin Ups

a2)3 x 8 Push Up Variation


a)3 x 3 Weighted Chin Ups

a2)3 x 10 Ring Dips



4 Rounds Not For Time:

1 Length 1-Arm Farmer Carry,Left

1 Length 1-Arm Farmer Carry, Right

4-8 Pistols or Box Pistols on each leg

30 second Handstand Hold against the wall

Go as heavy as possible on the carries. Pay attention to how you Deadlift the object up and put it back down. HandstandHholds can be from a kick-up or a walk-up. If you can’t hold a wall supported Handstand for at least 20 seconds, then scale to a Tall Plank Hold.