Have you signed up for a heat yet?

So Friday is quickly approaching, meaning murph is only a few days away. There are still spots in the heats to sign up for which are on the board. Last year we had 13 people come out and work through it lets try and get a couple more this year!

Now this brings up what will happen on Saturday. As most of us will be feeling pretty beat up from Fridays workout I feel like this would be as good a time as any to launch my first Active Recovery Class. Which will replace our usual training time of 10 am on Saturday July 2nd.

This is a program I have been talking about and trying to get started for ages. At this point I feel it just need to get moving and it can go from there. AR is essentially an hour of mobility and soft tissue maintenance, which I hope will expand your tool box of mobilizations you can do on your own as well as before or after class.

So if your feeling a little beat up Saturday morning come join at 10am for an hour of getting our bodies feeling better.


Snatch Balance


Work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance. Focus on being fast under the bar with elbows locking out as your feet land. Stabilize the catch before recovering. If your Overhead Squat is less than ideal for the Snatch Balance (which requires a dynamic catch in the position), then perform a Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat instead.



5 rounds for reps:

1 Minute KB Swings
1 Minute Box Jumps
1 Minute Rest