A note on classes…

As of today, we will now be capping classes at 8 people. We’ve been slow at implementing this because we truly do not want to turn anyone away. We landed on this number due to space constraints, and wanting to make sure each individual gets the coaching attention they deserve each class. You are still welcome to show up if you haven’t registered just know that if class is full, we will ask you to come back at another time. After registration, the next priority will be when you show up for training, so if your against registering for class show up early and start warming up. If there is a class thats full and that is the only time you can make it that day please reach out to Robbie or myself as we will figure out a way if we can make it work. Again this is not to turn people away. The reason behind this is to enhance everyones training experience. Thanks for your patience during this transition period.

Hope to see each of you soon!


Every 1:30 x 10:

2 Power Snatch

Start at 65% effort and build, through the rounds , to a challenging load.



For Time:

DB Thrusters